Hameln Pharma

Hameln Pharma stands for one of the top producers of high-quality parenteral drugs for intensive medicine and anaesthesiology.

The company’s values: Reliability, flexibility and robustness of supply.

From its humble beginnings in a high street pharmacy in the late 19th century, Hameln has grown consistently over the past 125 years to become a key factor on manufacturing and marketing generic injectable medicines. Their portfolio consists of a variety of products, such as water for injections, sedatives, anaesthetics, analgesics, antidotes.

During the ages, Hameln is constantly showing a great improvement on the pharmaceutical field, as an offspring of the dedication and hard work of the company’s employees.

Invensting in brand new and always innovative products, Hameln has become one of the major manufacturers on the market, proving the company’s robustness and stability.

An industrial and marketing organization of worldwide reputation, raising too high the bar simultaneously with the unique quality offered.

Showing concern for patient safety at the core of everything they do, through targeted investment in new products and by establishing new markets, people of Hameln intend to further strengthen and grow the portfolio of medicines they provide to patients.

For the benefit of patients, medical staff, partners.


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