Diagnostic Green is committed to improving diagnostic services through fluorescence imaging technologies. Our core product is the pharmaceutical Indocyanine Green (ICG) which is used in medicine for diagnostics.

Diagnostic Green: one of the leading names in the diagnostic medicine.

With experience and knowledge in the field of fluorescence imaging, Diagnostic Green, member of Renew Group, is conquering the markets all around the world.

Possessing the diagnostic solutionVerdye, also known as Indocyanine Green, the company becomes a necessary partner, especially for companies specializing in imaging systems. Being a leader among the fluorescent diagnostic injectables, Verdye is a valuable assistant for doctors, mostly surgeons and opthalmologists, during important operations.

Using the power of fluorescence in the NIR, Verdye automatically turns into the important ‘’gasoline’’ needed for each camera-‘’car’’ to work. This is the reason why companies involved in imaging systems, such as Karl Storz, Richard Wolf, Stryker, Medtronic, Olympus and more are based on Verdye for effective and reliable diagnoses.

Moreover, the company offers it’s own CE approved handheld camera, IC-Flow™ Imaging System, that visualizes and records quality tissue fluorescence for physicians, while spreading over more, innovative products, such as Bioglo ophthalmic strips.

Organizing non-stop actions around the world, seminars and meetings, people of Diagnostic Green are standing not only next to their patients, but also their partners, each single day.


Always looking to the future.

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