Abanta Pharma

Abanta Pharma is a german company with a carefully selected portfolio,according to both pharmaceutical and supplemental needs.

Possessing prescription only medicines, OTC, medical devices and cosmetics, Abanta is energetically evolving into time, to constantly prove the development into one of the strongest partner companies.

Emphasizing in ointments and cremes used in dermatological issues, the company all these years offers solutions in medical topics, but first and foremost offers the confidence and energy needed for living an active life.

Due to the established know-how and leading market position, along with the strong salesforce and close relationships with the local scientific community, the company focuses in the manufacturing of safe and efficient formulations.

With respect to the needs of every age, Abanta Pharma stands for the requirements of modern reality, laying emphasis on the comprehension of each single possible problem of today’s lifestyle.

Always standing next to the patient, so as to feel safety, secure and effectiveness.


Abanta Pharma

Abanta Pharma GmbH